Who makes the excellent paint for Wilko


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21 Nov 2014
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West Sussex England
So I have just partly by hand and partly machine sanded some skirting boards and 6 door frames ready in due course for primer and 2 coats waterbased satinwood.
Where the sanding went too deep it exposed the odd bit of timber and the original (1930's) dark stain, I didn't try as I know the above wont cover and dug around in the garage trying to avoid oil based and came across an unopened tin of Wilko white primer and undercoat water based ready to overpaint in 2 hours - apply by brush!
Ignored that and used a medium mini microfibre roller to whoosh paint on and laying off brush strokes, the paint was a bit thicker than most waterbased and was almost oil based consistency but a pleasure to use good opacity and had some body to it.
Never used Wilko paint before maybe the elves delivered it when I wasn't looking?
So to the point ------- who makes paint for Wilko ? just wondered - it was good might even be tempted to buy another tin.
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