Where and what wood to buy?


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10 Jun 2024
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I'm in the Conwy area, North Wales.
I have an American book which calls for maple, cedar and beech, what are some good easy to access British equivalent wood?

I have a B&Q, MKM building supplies, Huws Gray and Snowdon Timber. Are there any others people would recommend?

For a guide my first few projects will be a chopping board, bird house, mallet and then workbench.
all three of those are available in the UK quite easily...
you want to avoid B&Q and building supplies companies and look for timber suppliers close to you. A quick google should find some - however there are many across the country who will send wood to you as well...
Chopping board - beech or sycamore are good choices - I’d avoid ring porous woods like oak and ash
Mallet - beech, ash, or find an old bowls ball - typically Lignum Vitae
Birdhouse - larch is pretty durable outside
Workbench - whatever works out cheapest - softwood fine for the frame too. Ideally something relatively dense to resist denting and ideally quarter dawn for stability, for the top.
So for the bench I was thinking something simple for now. For the top, glueing 9 1.6m 2x4 together and then using some more 2x4 for the legs.
Would any of theses work?

Where I live seems to be short of actual timber merchants as when you google them all you get is building merchants.
We do not seem to be well served by good hardwood suppliers in the north west /north Wales area
Potters in Nantwich are easy to deal with
Dave Hoyle was very good but I think he is now closed
For your bench consider what you want from it. To make a really good bench is a lot of work and it is worth using a hardwood for the top.
If this is a bit of something to start with consider using framed MDF which you could then use as an assembly bench/sharpening station etc if you decide to make a better one

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