What to do with apple?


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22 Aug 2019
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I have some branches found in the garden (felled by the previous occupier), I had left them in the shed a couple of years ago to dry for firewood. Having rediscovered them the other day, I chopped them up. There's a few lengths that are quite nice, I'd like to do something with them.

I'm fairly sure they are apple, they look about right, and we have an apple tree (possibly now dead, so I might soon have more apple wood). What can apple be made into? They're not large, up do about 45 mm in diameter. Maybe a bit small for much useful and I should just see if I can make trinkets?
Apple is good to work with, I've made a few small bowls from it, nice grain and knots.
Apple wood is prized for making wooden hand planes.

It is, but it is *exceptionally* hard to find anything suitable for planes. I've found apple suitable for quartered saw handles and planes once in the last 15 years, and made the foolish assumption that I would be able to find more.

Disston went through enormous amounts of wood to get clear sections for saws.

Wood from branches would be too unstable, but could make decent handles. There's a working quality to apple that's different than most woods - it's not splintery, but it's not overly hard and with just oil, it takes a wonderful color. It also rots and cracks as fast as anything I've ever seen (and most bigger trees have bug damage).
I once replaced a broken spade handle with a bit of debarked apple tree branch, it was almost straight and lasted for years.
Current pieces are pretty small, tool handle size really. But I have an apple tree in the garden that needs to come down soon, about 12" diameter trunk and 5m height so a fair amount of wood.
crochet hooks
Crochet hooks 2 copy.jpg


Paper knives


Or pens

Pens 3.jpg

A little bit of inlaying can make even the most plane wood look very pretty. A Celtic knot or just a diagonal for instance.
Well now I have lots of apple. Thinking ill get a few bowl blanks out of the trunk sections at least.


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Well now I have lots of apple. Thinking ill get a few bowl blanks out of the trunk sections at least.
Why not turn the obvious. A perfect apple ! Then post it!

Or like i was thinking yesterday. I have a big 6 inch round branch off a crab apple tree a bear broke off last fall I had beside burn barrel. Looked at it and thought have not been practicing lately in lathe should turn a couple green long stem goblets out of that branch.
Goblets is an interesting thought. Not sure muy branches are straight enough. Trunk is 12-14" (only just less than my chainsaw) so a bit hefty for that.

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