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29 Apr 2024
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Hi everyone. Great to join you all.

I've joined because I'm looking to find a mentor/tutor to teach me some basic woodworking. I specifically need 1-2-1 or very small group tuition because I'm visually impaired. Yes, I can use power tools and machinery safely provided I'm familiarised with them first and, of course, I will often have to find ways of adapting e.g. marking lines thicker. The sight problems simply mean I need for attention and time. I'm never going to be a cabinet maker or anything fancy. I'm just looking for a hobby to make me more active - I work in computer cryptography and am suffering the consequences of long hours behind a desk. I need to make a change, and what better way than making your own cool stuff.

If anyone is up for a challenge or knows someone else who might be, please let me know. I'm in the Stafford area of the West Midlands.