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Sold Veritas Dowel Maker - NOW SOLD


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El Barto

20 Nov 2016
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North Hampshire
I bought this from Dictum last November and have used it once - it's in mint condition. https://www.dictum.com/en/circle-cutter ... ter-703657

It's a great bit of kit and as you can expect from Veritas it is beautifully made but it just isn't getting any use - I'd like to see it being used instead of sitting on the shelf.

It is not the master kit but I did not find that limiting in what I wanted it for.

Looking for £170, open to reasonable offers too.



Hi Jim, yes it can produce all sorts of sizes up to 25mm. It’s quite ingenious really and incredibly accurate if you need it to be.
Your advert says it is not the master kit so I had assumed you only had the guide and bushings for 25mm dowels. What size dowels can you make with the kit you are selling?
I’ve made a variety of sizes, mainly about 15mm I think.

I think the master kit probably makes it easier to make different sizes but I haven’t experienced any issues without it.

There’s also a video that Sampson Boat Co made where they use the same piece of kit and made a jig to go with it for cutting longer dowels. Again, I have managed without it but it’s probably helpful!

You can see it in use here: