VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Paper

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14 Feb 2016
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Nr Cross Hands, South Wales
I wanted to get myself some VCI paper for lining all of my tool drawers for ptorection, as well as being useful for packaging the workshop clearout tools i’ve been Selling on here. So long story short, i’ve ended up with more VCI paper than I’ll ever need as it was more cost effective and useful to have on an intact roll rather than in numerous pre-cut sheets which appear to be sold on eBay for smaller quantities.

Anyway, I was thinking of offering some for sale (by the metre) on here to anyone that wants any. My question is, would people prefer the paper rolled up delivered in a cardboard tube, or are people happy with it folded in a large envelope? So if someone wanted say 5m, then this could be folded to say A4 sort of size and sent in the post in a large envelope/jiffybag OR it could be rolled up (with no folds/creases) and sent in a long tube, but this would obviously cost more. (By the way the roll is 900mm wide!)

What would people’s preference be? If most would like it unfolded in a tube then i’d order a few ready before advertising on here.
I could do with some bags for keeping lathe chucks and welding bits in, so if you get any let me know as would be happy to wrap in paper. I lloked for a supplier of bags but had no luck in the UK, happy for mine to be folded.
I'll add a comment here rather than sidetrack your survey post.
There are Vapour Corrosion Inhibiting plastics that come in sheets, bags tubes etc. They work very well and have the advantage of being able to get wet and keep the contents dry. Did you give thought to getting a product like this over the papers? I have no stake in the industry so I am not trying to sell anything. I became familiar with it when I worked in aerospace manufacturing. In a move a few years back I draped the tops of my table saws with some without any oil under it and the tops had no rust after two years of storage in shipping containers.
Here are some examples you can get here. ... poly-bags/ ... s=VCI+Bags