Value of an antique plough plane

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13 Feb 2020
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I have acquired, with some other tools and items, a plough plane which I want to sell but have no idea of the value - so any guidance (or offers!) would be appreciated.

It's stamped AMES (the maker ) and also has two other names stamped on it - R Broadhurst & W Hope - assumed to be previous owners/users of the plane. Research suggests it dates from about 1850 - in good conditon for its age with no woodworm. Complete with blade (probably needs sharpening!). It's unusual having an inlaid gauge strip marked in inches to set the side rail.

Now listed in the For Sale section.

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Sadly it wont fetch a lot nice as it is. It looks to be missing the arm wedges but its easy to make those. They usually had a set of 6 or so irons for cutting different width grooves. That said they are lovely old tools and when set up right work really well. I have one that is complete but it took a bit of hunting to collect all the irons plus a bit of work getting it back in order. Seeing as it's not going to make a fortune for you it could be a nice project doing it up and using it.

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