Upgraded before I got started....


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30 Nov 2003
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South Derbyshire, UK
Not sure this was a sensible change so soon, but having a week ago I bought a Record CL1 that was advertised locally and started looking for basic tools and accessories. I was then offered a CL4 on a stand which with its variable speed, bigger thread etc., seemed a good bet so I have agreed to buy that and have put the CL1 up for sale. With the CL4 comes a chuck, centres etc., and a number of the basic tools so it’s basically a starter package.

Did I do right? Opinions about the Record lathes seem to vary.

Good move, I started the same way with a CL4 starter kit from Ebay. They are good lathes and having the variable speed control is definitely worth it. Mine did start to sound a bit noisy and needed the bearings changing which wasn't too difficult.
I was a bit worried about the long term reliability compared to the simplicity of belt drive but I guess the advantages outweigh that. I just need to find room for it now. I also bought a Record BS400 Bandsaw at the same time, which is a big beast too.
Definitely a good move. You can always do small work on a big machine, try putting a big lump on a little machine and watch it dance out the door!