Update on those old grinders


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8 Apr 2022
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North Devon
Spent a bit of time in the workshop at last, took the old Wickes grinder apart, the wheels were rusted on to the spindles so I cleaned everything thoroughly, got rid of the rust on the spindles with emery paper and fitted a new coarse wheel and a stainless wire wheel. It's fairly well balanced and dressed flat, another new skill I've learned. This will live in the metalwork part of the barn and be of great use as I start renovating the MX5 I inherited from my late brother, there'll be plenty of work for it cleaning up rusted parts as the car hasn't moved in 7 years.


The other grinder, I've fitted a white wheel to, but I'm having a bit of trouble balancing it, the wheel wobbles quite a bit so need to spend some time adjusting it to try and get it to run better. It's a 60 grit wheel. The wet wheel, well that's an 80 grit and, unless you buy something like a Tormek wheel, which costs a silly amount to put on a budget grinder, you're left with rough wheels which I can't see being any better than the fast white wheel I've fitted. So I took off the slow speed section to see if I could just throw another regular wheel on to it. The shaft isn't threaded but that might be something I can manage to address. Has anyone converted a slow speed wet grinder to a regular dry wheel?



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