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18 Sep 2008
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Canterbury United Kingdom
I have managed to get quite a bit of time in the shed lately which makes a change.

I am not sure where this wood came from but I have a couple of pieces of this and this is the first to be turned. I tried to keep the form simple to show off the wood.

A nice simple finish of sander sealer and beeswax which I brought off of a local beekeeper who mixes it with a hard wax possibly carnauba

Measures 8" X 2 1/2"

DSCF1747 (1024x768).jpg

DSCF1748 (1024x768).jpg

DSCF1749 (1024x767).jpg


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Really need a detailed look at the grain to have any chance of a proper ID Derek.
KimG":36zifv3n said:
Really need a detailed look at the grain to have any chance of a proper ID Derek.

Luckily I had another blank of the wood and took some photos
DSCF1757 (1024x768).jpg

DSCF1756 (1024x768).jpg


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Yes I would go with Beech too from that shot. In fact I am currently working on a small box with almost identical colouring, white spalt and unaffected timber, I'll post a pic up when I can.
Thank you Chris and Kim when I took these last photos I think I came to the same conclusion.

Look forward to seeing your work again Kim I especially like your coloured work with spirit stain and have managed to complete one piece as you have seen.
London plane / lacewood, non quarter sawn with some spalting perhaps as an outside chance?
SVB":21oqrhw5 said:
London plane / lacewood, non quarter sawn with some spalting perhaps as an outside chance?

Ruled out London Plain as I have plenty of that sawn different ways. But thank you all the same Simon
Nice bowl by the way too! Should have said that at the start but I am always fascinated by guess the timber type posts! :)
Spalted beech does look likely.
But what about the lid on this tri-cornered lidded bowl?
Hint - less of a tree rather more of a bush




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Not sure about Malcom's piece, are the lid and the bowl from the same "bush"? they look very different, the lid looks quite like Beechwood, the bowl has a sort of fruitwood look to it, but I can't think of a fruit bush timber.

This little box though is home spalted beech (I put some logs in a sealed plastic bag of shavings and stuck them under the shed) and has much in common with Derek's bowl as regards colour, grain and general appearance.



The tricornered bowl is cedar of lebanon with lilac tree/bush lid and a walnut finial.
The lilac was an overgrown bush which had blown over and a friend needed removing. It was about 8" at the base. Very swirly grain with colours from white through pink to dark brown. Split very quickly after cutting unfortunately and before I had chance to process it. But I got a few nice size pieces for side grain turning like this lid but mostly got pen blanks! Very hard when dry and sands to a beautiful smooth finish. One to look out for

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