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30 Oct 2010
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Scottish Borders
Was in one of the joiners shops who I make bits and bobs for this morning.

He has just moved and sitting on the floor was a small Tru Pro saw bench, anyway it ended up in my van as it was going for scrap.

It is rusty and is missing a riving knife and guard.

I don't if it works and have not tried it yet.

I don't need another saw bench as I a big rip saw and a panel saw anyway.

I have never seen this make so guess it is a hobby machine from one of the big sheds, but looking at it the rise and fall and the tilt have no play in them, and the general manufacture is not bad for small floor standing machine.

I am debating if I should put it in a corner and have a play with it when I have time and then possibly sell it if the motor works or if I should stick to the plan of removing the bits that might come in handy and scrap the rest.

Anyone got one or has had one?