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12 Jul 2019
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Hi all
I was all set on buying a Triton TWX7 Router Table and the accompanying workcentre when I read a couple of reviews saying that the router wobbles around in the table even after being secured to the plate. Can anyone who actually has this setup confirm if this is the case or if they've had issues with the router not being held firmly?
I believe that the actual plate that holds the router in place is only 1.5mm thick and I must admit that this does worry me - the Triton router is big old thing and 1.5mm does seem a bit thin..
Cant help on the rigidity, but are you sure that will do what you want it to?
Its quite small, only 16" front to back. and barely 30" wide.
Fine for model or small parts works. Not sure I'd want to run a plank across it though.
Yeah, dont have too much space in the garage! Just looking at this and the Charnwood offerings. It's hard to decide!
Spend an hour on utube, surfing for fold up router tables. You can have a much bigger one that folds out of the way when its not needed.

I made my own solid unit, with drawers, and its 90 cm square.
But router tables can be used for other stuff if youre short of space. I use mine a LOT as a glue up table, marking out table, general shelf for transient stuff, and sometimes I even use it as a router table. :roll: =D> =D>
I have this setup and I don’t have any issues with mine. I’ve routed slots in cabinet side panels with it and yes the table is a little small for that but it is doable.

It does have its niggles though. Aligning the insert plates is annoying the twist lock systems seem to be better and I don’t like the table mounted feather boards because only the Triton ones seem to be long enough to reach.

Other than that it does the job and doubles up as a good secondary table.
No issues with flex. Removing and refitting the router is fiddly but you don't do it very often. I haven't got around to fitting the front t slot in the table (3 years on!) so dont have the front featherboard. Not missed it really.