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20 Feb 2004
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I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with this purchase although to be fair to Trend I do need to ask them for their recommendations. Just thought I'd ask the forum for other people's experiences.

The problem is that when you use these on shiny melamine or Conti type board they don't grip and just slip. I've tried the rubbery pads that ship with the clamp but they are not much better. I see that Trend sell something called a Jaw pad and wondered if anyone had tried them and whether they work on kitchen units.

And while I'm on the subject of slippage, I have to say that I don't rate those sprung-loaded clamps either in any way, shape or form. They just simply do not grip sufficiently IMHO. You can't beat those piston action know the ones that you squeeze a handle and they lock up r.e.a.l.l.y tight.
i use the jaw pads for clamping the post formed edge when cutting kitchen worktops and they seem to work a treat
I also use the Trend clamp guide system and I have not had a problem with slippage. I have always used them when crosscutting 8 * 4 ply and <cough>mdf boards.

I have used the Trend clamps for a few years and also have had no problems at all on any type of board.
Have you tried the anti slip matting, (can't remember the actual name of it) usually in a piece about a metre square or on a small roll. It is very, very grippy. Worth a try instead of the rubber pads.
Ive just bought the 24" Pro Guide Clamp from Axminster and cut and roted a load of contiboard over the weekend for shelving in side a wardrobe and it worked really well every time.
Is it possible youve ended up with a "Friday afternoon" one which needs to be returned?.
Thanks, guys, for all your suggestions. I contacted Trend and they were incredibly helpful. They arranged for collection back to their workshops, they tried it out and called me back very promptly with an update. We had a very positive and helpful discussion but it appears to be working OK. So they have shipped it back to me with a couple of complimentary jaw pads to try out.

I simply cannot fault Trend Customer Service. It has been 150% fantastic.

don't know if i'm teaching you how to suck eggs, and please tell me if i am, but are you using the double lock on the paddle?
iirc, they have a double clamp so pushing the paddle down to its first position nips it up, but pushing it right down so that it points downwards, ie, 90degrees to the guide locks it really tight.
The ones i've looked at from Trend lock off really well like this.

Hi problem re eggs!

Yes, I do clamp it down to the second position. I'll wait and see hpw the jaw pads work or try some of that gripper stuff that was suggested earlier
I too use one and have no problems.
I have even used it to help clamp carcasses.

Have you better luck after talking to Trend?
rsinden":3uwrhlpx said:
I'll wait and see hpw the jaw pads work or try some of that gripper stuff that was suggested earlier
If you want a small peice of the grippy stuff I mentioned in my earlier post, pm me your address and I'll put you some in the post FOC
rsinden":390y0i99 said:
Yes, I do clamp it down to the second position.
This isn't helpful, I know, but I'm really surprised they came back to you!
With both of the Trend clamps I have, they have a strong enough grip to guide a Skilsaw on melamine even on the first of the double locks.
I sometimes go down to the double lock, which is very tight and holds very strongly. Unmoveable.
Trend's service sounds superb, but one not go that extra 1% and send you back a new clamp!

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