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I don't have a mortice machine and had to build a large table with dozens of mortices, so I thought I'd try out the Beadlock system. It's phenominally expensive for what it is, but it does the job really well once you get the hang of it. The resulting joints are 100% in terms of both fit and strength, so if like me you haven't got a morticer yet, this is a really good stop gap until you do.
I still can't get over the cost of it though - three small pieces of machined metal and a few strips of profiled beech for well over £40! If you get the trend drill bits (recommended - they really are the business and designed to get the waste out of the jig as efficiently as possible) you're looking at almost £70.
For what it is - ridiculous price.
For what it does - cheap!



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17 Sep 2002
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I agree with you, £70 is a bit steep, but there are other ways to skin this particular cat, so to speak. It is possible to rout out a mortise slot with a router fitted with two fences (one either side) and use the same deep cutters used by Trend (also sold by Wealden Tool but a bit cheaper). A self-centring base is even cheaper to produce than two fences (see and you'll see what I mean). There is also a simple mortise jig here ( For some super router solutions take a look at Bill Hilton's "Router Magic" (ISBN 1-86108-127- 8) publ. Guild of Master Craftsman - it's the best £16.95 you'll ever spend on your router