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27 Dec 2022
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I have a set of Axminister thin kerf blades, with a width of 2.1mm, however these are too thin for my current riving knife.

Can anyone recommend anywhere to get a thin riving knife from, or alternatively is it possible to make one yourself?

what are you using the riving knife on blades for what make and model of device ?

you have a kerf of 2.1mm - whats the riving knife thickness you have now

what was the kerf of the old blades that worked OK
It's certainly possible to make one yourself.👍
The material you use should be thicker than the plate thickness of your thinner blades, but thinner than the kerf of the new thinner blade.

I've found the easiest material to make a riving knife from that I've got to hand, is an old saw blade.
You will need to measure the thickness accurately to ensure it suits the parameters I described above.

This material is stiffer and harder to cut & work than normal mild steel, but an angle grinder with a thin metal cutting disc, a couple of files and a belt sander will do a good job.....

Here's a picture of one I made.....Original on the right, copy on the left....

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Draw up your current one in CAD and send it to a laser cutter. For a 2.1mm kerf, maybe a 2mm sheet thickness would do.

There are many threads on here discussing the correct thickness. Summary: less than the kerf, more than the plate.

The challenge will be if the correct/ideal thickness does not match a standard gauge of metal sheet.

Buy a spare standard one and sand it down (on one of those machines that looks like a conveyor pizza oven) or find someone with a surface grinder.

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