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Yes I got the email at 16:30. Not really unexpected under the present circumstances and with what is to come next year. It's be interesting to see if anyone takes on the Versachuck.
They are offering 25% discount on stock as they close down operations over the next month.
A great loss of the best UK woodturning shop and awful for the Hemsleys.
I'd have got another had they still had them. I got £100+ of jaws and a faceplate when they were last on offer. I'd have got more Axi/ V carriers then had they had them. I did get Sorby carriers to use my Record pen jaws with, so at least if any Sorby jaws come my way cheaply I'm prepared. The reason I got the Versachuck in the first place was that I picked up £150's worth of Axi jaws in a job lot - I sold on the rest that I didn't want for what I paid for the lot. :)
Yes. I bought an M33 backplate earlier to future proof mine.:)
I could have done with a couple more sets of carriers, though.
I just ordered a new 33mm backplate for mine as well as some carriers, I plan to update the lathe in the future so got it while I could, It is a good chuck Hope someone does take it on as Mark said
I had an email this morning telling me they are closing down, and that there is 25%off everything. ‘Once it’s gone it’s gone’. I’ve had a look at the website, and it confirms they are closing, and that there is 25% off all stock.
Much of it seems to have gone already, particularly tools!
Get in there!

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