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6 Sep 2004
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I have 2 brand new bits for the 'monster' Stanley/North yankee (28", sta131 model) which I bought in error for my 17" sta130 model. One phillips, one posidrive, both number 2 size.

Going free to the first good home to pm me... - meanwhile, anyone bought by mistake the little ones I want for their big toy, and want to send 'em to me???? :roll:

(if you have to ask what I'm on about, they're of no use to you :wink: )
Really brand new, Shady? 'Cos if so, a word of caution; IIRC correctly someone said the new bits are a different design to the old ones and won't fit. I don't know, never having tried, but something to beware of. :( Anyway, not sure if I have any spare of the small size, but I'll have a look. I should also be going to SouthWest Surplus Tooling in the near future and they might have some. What's your price limit? Alternatively I could flog you a 131... :wink: :lol:

Cheers, Alf
Hmm: well, they're certainly brand new, cos I bought them and one's still in the wrapping. The 'fixing' part where it goes into the driver looks identical to the design on my vintage slot head bit (which does fit), but the diameter is too thick to go into the chuck.

I had assumed it was a simple diameter issue (thicker for the monster one): will soon find out..
Hi Shady I have recently measured my stanley 130 bits at 0.250 /1/4inch
as I was interested in the Trend Snappy chuck for Yankee drivers but they only fit the 131 at 5/16inch
I would be interested
If you find out the latest stanley bits don't fit the earlier models as like you I am looking for a P2 bit for a 130

regards Nigel
Good old yankee has saved me loads of times when cordless has died.

Plus i like the fact that you can feel the pressure that you are applying to the screw.

Managed to find the reference to the new bits I was thinking of, fwiw. If you read the rest of the thread you'll find there are a few ideas for making a hex bit adaptor for a Yankee too. The Trend chuck looks like it'd make the whole thing terribly unbalanced; has anyone tried one?

Cheers, Alf
OK, just so no-one wastes their time, they've gone to a good home....
I've got a magnetic holder that takes hex screwdriver bits, fits my 130 and is not much heavier than a normal stanley bit so no balance problems. Think it came from Screwfix about six years ago but they don't list them now :(


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