Spalted Beech Available

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14 Jan 2010
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South Lincolnshire
A few years ago I had a beech tree taken down by my house and have finally managed to get it planked up. It is all spalted and there is some very nice timber there. I was intending to make a monster workbench out of it but SWMBO is now saying it's so lovely she wants some furniture/kitchen instead! (There's probably enough for both actually).

However there are also a lot of pieces that may be of use to people who do turning/carving etc. I have some logs of various sizes up to 2ft diameter, plus a load of offcuts from the outside with particularly impressive figure which could maybe make bowls etc.

The chap who planked it up recommended I put them on ebay but if there is anyone vaguely local who is interested then you would be most welcome to come and collect anything you fancy. I am near Spalding, Lincs.

Do send me a PM if you want more info.