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Bl@@dy amateurs! 不不不不
There's forty odd tins in the first image held neatly in an old wooden ammo box. That's about 2/3 of my current holding and I've given probably twenty away. My father smoked Golden Virginia but there's a smattering of Old Holborn and a couple of Three Nuns (though what the connection is between the Nuns and pipe tobacco beats me ).

@ChrisWiduWood I suspect your tin that fixes 100 screws is probably the dreaded screwfix in my second piccy. Dreaded? Yeap. Loose asbestos. Mix it with a little water in the palm of your hand into a fibrous putty, push into the ragged hole and screw into it. Great stuff - for screws. Just killed you. Ah they were the days of innocence ------------ and ignorance.
Spot on, the Screwfix was evil stuff! Standard stuff when I was young on site.
Here's a few from my collection. They all came from my dad, he was a (ab)user of St Bruno in industrial quantities. I suspect many of the others came from his father:-
View attachment 168567 View attachment 168571 View attachment 168568

Many of them are filled with steel slot head screws which I don't suppose I'll ever use. So what to do with them?

PS My tine of Screwfix is still full of the stuff. It's not particularly harmful. here is an extract from HSE advice:-

General points about asbestos:​

  • asbestos is a general name given to several naturally occurring minerals that have crystallised to form fibres
  • asbestos fibres are strong, heat and chemical resistant and do not dissolve in water or evaporate
  • there are 2 sub-groups; serpentine (white asbestos) and amphiboles (including blue and brown asbestos) of which serpentine was the more commonly used
  • prior to use being banned asbestos was used in many products including insulation material for buildings, boilers and pipes; car brakes and floor tiles
  • the importation, supply and use of all asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999; the amphibole type has been banned since 1985
  • amphibole (blue and brown) asbestos is much more hazardous than serpentine (white) asbestos
  • asbestos is not considered harmful when in large pieces and undamaged
  • when damaged asbestos can release smaller fibres that can be breathed in or swallowed
  • breathing in asbestos can lead to a condition called asbestosis that leads to an increased susceptibility to cancer
  • asbestos has been classified as being carcinogenic to humans
My dad was a St. Bruno smoker, but I only have one or two tins now.
Heavens got some sort of weird fetish for tobacco tins :LOL:

Standard green GV tin, and the Camel tin below.
I believe the camel tin was for 10pk crush packets. You probably paid a bit more, got the usual 10pk and the tin along with it.View attachment 168637

Some tins were covered in glued together matchsitcks and became known as 'prison art'. With smoking no longer allowed in prisons, I suppose thats now lost.

See if I can find an example.
Yup, usual 'matchstick design.
View attachment 168638

I think using a tin and doing something like basket-weave marquetry on it would look pretty cool.
I've given this a go myself and the effect is really good. Fair bit involved, veneer selection, sand shading and accurate cutting, but a fun project all the same, and worthwhile result for all the work. weave.html
One can buy headless match sticks for craftwork. No,no,no, NOT Kraftwerk!


Top one was made by my late father in law for all sorts of odds and ends, used to hang on the garage wall with the tins sticking out as it was just knocked together from some old t&g cladding he'd found. I say knocked together but as an engineering draughtsman everything was precisely measured, cut and fitted. I added a back and plinth of sorts and my wife now uses it for storing other types of odds and ends.
Here are a couple from my uncle's workshop.
They have Skarsten scraper blades in, which will be put to good use in the shown long Skarsten scraper.

The Sun Valley tin is hinged, and has three breather holes in each end of the tin


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Hi I am new to this forum (not use to posting items ) brilliant information on the dreaded asbestos. I shall pass this on . A good display with only the lids used in a nice custom made frame behind glass for the man cave would look kool .
first thing I did when sorting through my late fathers tools was to empty out maybe 100 tins of god knows what, half of them where sealed shut with rust and crud, barely any were labelled, everything went into clear organisers.