Shaping an SG guitar body

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27 Mar 2006
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West Yorkshire
I'd like to make an SG body and I have been thinking how to achieve the deep bevels that the SG has, but I'm stuck.

Doing it with a router it seems that it will require a fairly hefty bit. Something like door panel raising bit (scary!!!!!). These bits also don't have bearings to run against. Then there's the problem of getting the bevel to taper in and out at the ends of the bevel without taking great chunks out of the body when you're at the deepest section.
I've got the deepest respect for my router in the table and would for preference like to keep all my fingers, otherwise new guitar body and no fingers to play it with. :oops:

The only other thought I've come up with is to use a spokeshave.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to go about this ?
Hints and tips from you experienced guitar builders would be much appreciated.

make a template out of ply or mdf. Use a bandsaw or jig saw to cut a little over size, attach the template and using a simple profile bit to nibble to the extra material away to match the template.

Use a spokeshave and rasps to shape the inset 'sweep', quite simply really.
Drawknife, spokeshave and rasps seems appropriate to me.
No idea how a pro luthier might do it though.
Cheers Mike