Sad News- Roy "Digit" Randall

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Thank you for taking the time to let everyone here know the sad news.

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt condolences.

What a sad sad world, one day you are talking someone and then the next they are gone. It puts life into perspective. Roy your up there now mate, so save a place for me, and to your family I send my heart felt condolences

Heartfelt condolences from John and Jean Walker.
Always willing to help anyone; Roy was a fount of knowledge, a man of no small intellect and a quick wit.
He will be sadly missed.
God Rest.
Condolences to his family on what is also a sad day for this forum. A most lively debater, who always conducted himself as a gentleman.
Sad Sad news indeed he will be sorely missed.
My sympathies to Roys family.

RIP Roy, I enjoyed our little exchanges. You talked a lot of sense even when views differed.

Would that we all could be so widely respected and missed when our time comes. Roy made a substantial contribution to the knowledge I have gleaned from this forum over the years. My sincerest condolences to you and your family.

RI.P. Roy, and thank you.