Rust on my new cast iron table saw? Help!

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Hi All

I have been away from my workshops for a few weeks and on going in earlier tonight, I was shocked to see rust on my cast iron table saw.
What is the best way to remove this rust? and what is best for prevention?
I dont have a humidifier nor a heater and intend to get both asap.

Your comments/idea's/help appreciated.

Brian :oops:
Brian Is it light surface rust or deep and pitted. I guess light surface rust will be taken care of by some form of paste wax(being an engineer I would reach for the oil can and some wet & dry, but with wood involved). If the surface is hevily rusted then more drastic measures are called for and perhaps the oil & wet n dry or emery cloth depending on the amount of rust. Be careful not to create a hollow in the table by working only on one patch, treat the table as a whole.
As for protection I dont know I dont own any Iron tools that have suffered, perhaps some lubrication paste wax will protect it. I'm sure a cast iron owner will be along soon.

Thanks Bean. It appears to be light surface rust, I have sprayed it with oil, given it a wipe and sprayed it again, this will have to do for now. I am concerned that I take care and dont damage the table in my rush to remove the rush.


There you go Brain no 'T' you need to spend more time in the workshop drinking tea.

Have you tried giving the top a srub down with a nylon scouring pad whilst the oil is on it. That should remove the rust, dry it and then apply some more if you are not going to use it for a while.
A dehumidifier may be an answer, I dont own one but I also have a dry garage. I dont apply oil or paste wax to tools which are left in there.

I will give that a try when I get home from work tomorrow night. I hope it is that simple?
Thanks for the advice Bean, I will sign off now and check back tomorrow when I get into work to see what other advice there may be.

Until Then, Bye!
Brian, webrax with WD40, or a ROS with webrax attached to it or 320 grit with WD40. Once the rust is away, wipe down with thinners or similar. Leave to dry. Then rub on paste wax (Briwax etc), quick buff and the job is done. Protection and a nice slick surface. I have neither dehumidifer or decent heat and no problems provided I apply the wax every few months. And it ain't too dry in this part of the world.

Thanks Noely, I will try and trace a supplier of these bits and pieces.



Hi All
Well it was'nt as bad as I first thought. Armed with Noely's advice I went to work with WD40 and some 320 grit and after some elbow grease with Briwax its looking as good as new! Lesson learned (Look after your tools Vol 1 The Basics). Its nice to know that help and advice is not far away, many thanks it was really appreciated.


Happy days Brian. Also every time you re-wax the table do the rip fence rails and the face and underside of the fence too. Makes everything nice and friction free.


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