Replacing balustrade on our veranda

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28 Sep 2015
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south Wales
The longer the lockdown continues, the closer my house gets to being finished. Will run out of jobs at this rate.

We are replacing the balustrade on our veranda, the original balustrade was removed a few years ago as the veranda needed replacing. I have cut the hand and base rail. But unsure if I should mortice the base rail all the way through or at least drill some holes in the mortices to allow water to drain away. Maybe I should not drill holes at all. A little out of my comfort zone here.

Any advice will be great. Have added some pics showing the base rail and balustrade bits

I will be cutting tendons on the top and bottom of the uprights


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Either of your suggestions (through mortises or holes) is an improvement. If you do a through mortise, though, you'd probably want to extend the tenon such that it projects through an inch or two, just for looks.