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3 May 2024
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I've been tasked with replacing the left hand leg of a "W" to a mirror box, the leg glues to the mirror glass itself, at my local repair café. The broken leg is part of an intertwining initial, incorporating the letters "A" "J" bound by the letter "W", So, I need a small piece of Box wood to achieve this, approx 20w x 6th x 40h, anyone have such a piece they can spare?
Do you need a piece of that exact size, or would a piece you could get that size out of also work
Guessing it’s a bit of boxwood 20mm wide by 6mm thick by 40mm high.
I have some bigger pieces - but not clear if the OP needs it dimensioned for them
Sorry didn’t see message let me go check if I have a piece to suit

Nothing in the offcuts big enough but reckon I can cut a chunk off this piece and still use it for it’s intended purpose.

If I saw it to 9mm ish thick that’ll give you room to thickness down.

If you’re still in need send me a message with your address and I’ll saw it off and pop in the post.