Removing wax from a pine floor

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30 Jul 2004
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After installing a pine floor a friend of mine waxed it without sealing it first, and now only a few weeks later it is looking very dirty, especially in the main traffic area's.

He now wants to remove the wax so that he can seal it with Liberon Floor Sealer (Oil based) and then rewax it with Morrells Morwax (water based).

First of all is the oil based sealer and water based wax compatable?

Secondly what is the easiest way to remove this wax? Can he use white sprit?


Hi Woody,

My first method of attack would be to use white spirit, liberally, with 0000 wire wool, to soften and remove the wax, followed by a good wipe over with fresh white spirit. After drying a light sanding might be necessary.

Can't comment on the two products you mention - never used them - but Bourneseal, generally available, is a good all-round treatment for softwood floors (often used in gymnasiums and suchlike). It provides a non-slip gloss finish and wears well. FWIW.



I agree with the above, white spirit should do the job although it's likely to be messy and time consuming. I think Liberon make a Wax Remover which should be more efficient but will probably need to be handled with care.

The two products should be compatible but the only way to know is to try a test patch first. Personally I'd contact one or both of the companys and ask for their recommendations. If you mix brands and it doesn't work they are both going to blame the use of the other manufacturer's product! This is not necessarily a cop-out as it is impossible for manufacturers to know all of their competitor's products or to be certain of being completely up to date on them.

Hope this helps a bit
Trev, Terry, thanks a lot. As you say i think the best idea would be for him to contact the companies.

I have also just found out that the Morwax is turps based and not water.



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