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For Sale Record Power DX1000 45 litre Dust Extractor


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31 Jan 2020
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Andover, NW Hampshire
I'm running out of space and I no longer use this extractor - But I do keep tripping over it!

It's in very good condition (once I've emptied it) and will come with 5 spare filter bags and the original length of 100mm hose.

I have a miscellany of adapters which fit either the outlet direct or the 100mm hose and reduce to 50mm or 63mm hose. These also come with it.

Price? - £50 the lot. I'm afraid pickup only from NW Hampshire SP10.

Record DX1000-1665.jpgRecord DX1000-1664.jpgRecord DX1000-1666.jpg
I could take if your in later.

I'm traveling north this afternoon.

Leaving verwood about 4 so 5 ish?

Cheers James