Record CL3 grub screw

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Think if you google the manual, should get an idea. remember that there are 2 grub screws in the pulley.
Probably M6.
I'll have a look at one of mine later and take some measurements if I can. They are only a 1/4 inch or so in length..... very short.

It's probably Whitworth or BSF.
Or if the pulley is now detached take that with you and you can easily try bolts starting at M6 -- then once you know the size if they don't have grub screws try elsewhere with your new knowledge.
Some grub screws have different end profiles so as you have a sample its easy to find what you need.
See here might or not be helpful
Maybe better still ask Record Power as they might be kind enough to drop one in the post to you
Bore da, Penllysbach.......

I bought my old CL3 about 35 years ago..... before metric, in the UK - so there's a temptation to assume that we were imperial in those days...... hence the initial thoughts of 3/16 inch.

However, on my machine,

  1. The grub screw needs a 3mm Allen key
  2. There are two screws - but they are not both the same. The lower one ends in a 'top-hat' profile and sits on a shaft key, locking it in place. the Upper screw has a rounded end and locks the lower one in place.
  3. They are both about 7 or 8 mm in length with only a small part threaded - about 3 or 4 mm threaded, however counting these over 1/8 inch against a vernier, comes up with 4 complete turns. Therefore 32 to the inch. It could be 3/16 BSF.
  4. On the other hand, it may be a unified 10-32 thread. Difference between 10-32, 12-24, and M6 threads - RackSolutions
You have a choice of thread here, both at 32 per inch...... depending on the age of the machine.

The CL3 head-stock has not changed much in decades; if it's fairly new then I'd look at a Unified 10-32 as an experiment.

This manual explains the head-stock in some detail- it was used across a range of machines and the screws are mentioned as item 34 in the parts break-down. There are, though some pictures of the grub screws.

Record Power CL3-CAM Original Instruction Manual (Page 36 of 48) | ManualsLib

It may be worth calling Record. They have been helpful to me in the past when I needed spares.

Good luck