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18 Apr 2022
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North Wales
RDG tools is UK based and been around a long time. The other is from the look of it non UK and doesn't provide any business address. Always gets me twitchy these sites, I would wait until someone confirms successful purchase. I have ordered from Aliexpress and never had an issue (politics aside).
Not really asking about the company. I know people have successfully bought from them. It's more about the product, and whether I'd be paying a fair bit more for the same thing.
And seemingly the same as the first table from AIM Tools.

Of course they're probably all the same table from the same factory. I've never dealt with RDG but are aware of them and have a reasonable reputation. AIM I have dealt with, I suspect plenty of others on here have given they seem to be the source for Katsu which are a popular cheap choice whenever anyone mentions them. Personally I haven't had any problems but I've since heard their after sales support leaves a lot to be desired. Lack of a phone number or address suggests they are a drop shipper to me, but they are UK based.

Vevor - if I recognise the name at all it's in the context of no-name stuff from the Amazon.
I got a larger one through one of the various Indian outfits on e bay. Cant remember which one now. Pretty well made in all the important respects, although the paint job left something to be desired. I have bought quite a few Indian bits and pieces and generally been very impressed. Have bought lots of things from RDG and never had an issue. Like most of these things it might be pretty good, or it might be total carp. At least if you get it from RDG and find you don't like it, you won't have any grief sending it back. Have to say everything I have bought from them has been pretty good.
I would not recommend.I bought one from Vevor (I have their mini lathe, which fairly good for under £400) it came without the 'toggle' handles, weighed 'a lot', it had loads of backlash. Totally unsuitable for my homemade mini mill, so I requested a return, which they didnot want saying "it may get damaged" !!!!!!!!! after all it came by post packed in styrene!! They offered a part refund & I keep it, I accepted after several trys - listed it on 'The Bay' (No not Morcombe) at a price that would cover the rest of my purchase price - sold!
There are a huge number of badge engineered stuff out there that are exactly the same exept for the name and colour. I have bought from Vevor before, a couple of 3 jaw chucks which were really good quality no backlash to bother about. However had a look at their dividing heads and that was another matter, not that well made and the worm and wheel set up is rubbish. More backlash than a heard of angry turkeys!! and loads of milling dust and grit in the slides etc. So needless to say didn't buy that and got a fantastic Cos Par, Alfa 2 head, with an eight inch chuck and tailstock on FB marketplace for a lot less than half the price.