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SOLD Myford ML7 Metal lathe and accessories


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2 Jul 2005
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Nailsworth, Glos
For sale is a Myford ML7 Metal Lathe

17/3/18 - EDIT - New chuck now included so all in £795.

I bought this a while ago to make small brackets etc to support my Woodturning - I’m no metal turner I’m afraid so have really just bullied the odd bit of brass and aluminium into shape but the lathe can of course do so much more in skilled hands.

Selling as it is just taking too much space for the use it is getting - I need something smaller for the odd jobs really.

Lathe as pictured - I’ve tried to show all the features / things of interest but please let me know if you want specific photos taking. As I say, I’m no metal machinest so can answer the look / measure type Qs but that’s about it alas. I’ve tried to fairly reflect the good and not so good in the info in this ad but as will all used kit sales, sold as seen, please ask or look yourself.

The bits I think are worth highlighting - the lathe has some non-standard extras. It has a thread counter attached to the saddle for thread cutting I believe and also an additional handwheel on the end of the main lead screw. It also has a upgraded four tool toolpost instead of the single tool clamp holder that would have been supplied from new.

One particularly useful and I think rare / unusual assessory is the clutch the lathe is fittted with. This allows the main motor to keep running while the chuck is engaged / disengaged separately. A really nice feature and avoids the hassle / strain of keep starting / stopping the main motor. This assessory is £250+ alone if you want to add one now:

Myford ML7 Clutch Assembly

The lathe is currently mounted on a fairly ‘rustic but practical’ wooden bench and swarf collection tray. These come with the lathe (but the drawers / wetsone grinder etc pictured on the bench lower shelf do not I’m afraid!)

In terms of issues with the lathe there is not much to say that I’m aware of. The only two issues I’d highlight to be 100% transparent are that the original three jaw chuck is a little stiff in operation and the other issue is one of the spindle oilers has a split in the plastic oil reservoir. I’ve sorted this in terms of its function by simply some CA glue on the split but if your a bit more OCD you may chose to replace it. They are easily available.

Included with the lathe is the following:
Spare Gear wheels (for cutting different threads I believe - never tried myself)
4 Jaw chuck
‘Catch plate’
Vertical milling slide
Myford ML7 lathe hardback book
couple of HSS lathe tools
Random handle that came with the lathe - I’ve no idea what this does!

You’ll also see a brand new 3 Jaw chuck pictured. This is this chuck:

RDG Tools Myford Chuck

This was £120 very recently. I’d be looking for £75 for this with the lathe as it is really box fresh and I don’t think has done more than 3 jobs.

So, all in all I think that’s all I can say. I would like £795 for the lathe and accessories and then I’d give the purchaser first dibbs on the new chuck so £870 all in.

The lathe is located in Nailsworth, Glos and whilst I’d be happy to help load, you’ll need to bring you and a mate as it is a fair lump of iron to move!

Any Q’s drop me a PM.

Oops - forgot the photos







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Shame you weren't sell as parts, I would have taken the Vertical slide and the "odd handle" off your hands.
I’d rather keep together for obvious reasons but would be happy to point whoever buys it in your direction if they don’t want them.
BTW - what is the handle for?
its for putting in the through hole at the back of the headstock to hand turn it i think, for threading etc.

Yes it appears to be either an incomplete or unfinished handle for that purpose. I have a homemade version but would like a nicer one as I use it quite often.