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5 Oct 2014
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I have it in my head to maybe, just maybe, possibly pick myself up a scroll saw. Recent talk about marquetry is the reason for it.
Im not interested in something costing 900 or 600 or super industrial or anything like that, and while there are basic ones from jet and axminster amongst others, I like the Proxxon one mainly as proxxon have a good reputation amongst modelmakers, and for the very very occasional use it might get, its probably going to do what i want.

So if anyone has the proxxon model DSH 2 speed (costs about £250) please let me know your thoughts
I've seen them (in a "shop window") and they're smaller than they look on line.

Proxon for smaller tools generally has a good name, but I seem to recall (NOT sure mind) that someone here posted their dissatisfaction fairly recently. Worth doing a general "Proxon search" search here I think.

ALSO, I THINK (again NOT sure) that being smaller they use non-standard length blades. But DO please double check that.
@TRITON I have the Proxxon and have had it long enough that it was less than £200 when I bought it, I have no issues with it and it does everything I need - it takes standard blades, I use pinned but if I recall it might take pinless too. As with all Proxxon kit it's well built - I'd just check what you require with regards to throat etc. but other than that I would recommend it based on my usage and experience BUT to give context it was my first scroll saw.

Happy to answer any specific questions.


I think you should consider the Excalibur in the Market Place section of the forum right now. Maybe too far away for you or too big however it is light years better than the little Proxxon. From the pictures you have posted you have the skills to utilize it fully.

Too far away, too big, too heavy, yeah i can tick all those boxes. Very nice though and a great price and had i the space in a bigger workshop i might be able to arrange transportation/courier. But i dont have the space, and its not really the type of thing i'd go for.
As above, i dont need anything super capable, but the ability should the notion strike me to give the technique a bit of a go.

Thanks for the point out all the same. I do hope it goes to a nice new home.

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