Present for Son - desk and stool

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17 Jan 2023
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this is a birthday present for the wee one,
I'm glad I've finished it. overall ive beenearning a lot about tolerances and importance of making square and this project brings all that tigether from the start of planing and marking out through to each joint line as well as new stuff like angle M&T for the stool.

also tried out other stuff like making and installing inlay, router plane use over large areas (making a long sole/ ?extension plate for the No. 71), hand engraving as well as some random pattern-gouge practice.

a few things I'd change: make the frame of the desk out of something nicer than redwood - the reason it is redwood is because this has been my practice medium for these joints and what I felt most comfortable with at the time (the frame was done firat and the project stalled fir ages until wifey reminded me get wigle on). having since moved to maple and a laminated mix of quite dense hardwoods I'd feel more confident now with getting finer tolerances for hardwoods and hybrid laminated whatnots. I'd remake the base given the chance so is just screws atm into some red grandis from the underside , these can be substituted for blind pegging or similar in future!
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found a bitnof an issue - the top is laminated bits of maple and sapele glued up with titebond 3

the issue is the top warps / stands to attention in direct sunlight then after a cool night it goes back to normal. this cycle repeats.
question is will this eventually fracture or is there enough pliability in the top to allow this until I fix it... (or I could just move it of the sun lol)

...when it comes to remedial work could I just brace by routing a channel running perpendicular to the laminations and a complimentary receiving channel in the main top?