Peter Millard Tote and the perils of temptation

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5 Mar 2017
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Shepton Mallet, UK
@petermillard just put up a video of a very useful tool tote that fits inside a Systainer. One of my daughters and a son-in-law are slowly amassing tool kits of their own and generally having a go at DIY and making small things for their homes. Both have need of tool boxes to store their burgeoning tools. Peter’s video was just too tempting and I went on line to find a couple of Systainers.
It would appear that I am now the owner of eight SYS3 size 5 boxes at a price of less than £4 each. It was a bargain I simply couldn’t pass by. Unfortunately it is not possible to conceal the arrival of eight Systainers especially when the postman backs his van up to your front door to drop them off. This has not gone down at all well at home…
Entirely Peter’s fault.