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26 Sep 2020
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Hello all

Thought i'd post some pics of a new addition to the collection.

It's a Parkinson Model F No7. Nice old thing, for some reason it's been painted green early in its life as the paint is old & the original colour where green areas have come off is underneath & looks in very good condition. The green looks quite well applied too and doesn't appear to have just been slapped over the top as there are traces I can see behind removable parts like the QR plate at the front..

A chap on another forum said to look for military markings but i can't find any. There is however a C on the top of the slide & an L on the back foot. Any thought on this or indeed the green much appreciated.

It has just over 4inch jaws but is still a weighty old thing !



  • New vice Stan 002.JPG
    New vice Stan 002.JPG
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