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7 Jul 2010
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Cleaning and paint stripping amounted to a large part of the work.
Started off in the yard with good wash down with sugar soap and blast with hose pipe. It was very scruffy inside with spilled ink, oil, paint etc
Wood too good to dip or do anything fast but destructive.
Back in the workshop;
Hot air gun took off the paint but left it stuck in scraps on top of the thick sticky varnish, much like toffee apple toffee.
This was difficult to remove with hot air and scraper so went for the pro stripper 5 litres Langlow Strip n Lift Paint and Varnish Stripper Liquid
Best applied on a horizontal surface so the cupboard was laid on trestles and turned 3 times, finishing one side at a time.
Followed the instructions but still difficult to scrape off 100% - the thin smears left behind dry hard very quickly.
But I've done this before and the trick is to rub it off with handfuls of coarse planer chippings - wearing long plastic gloves, an apron and wellies, windows wide open. You have to time it right, not too soon or too late or you will need more stripper. Fast and energetic or smears left will harden. The chippings also soak up all the stripper and make clearing up much easier - just vacuum or brush and dustpan
All this done over a large sheet of heavy weight polythene to protect the floor, and also you can lift an edge and shake the chippings into the middle so you aren't walking through them.
Traces left removed with very light sanding - 150 grit and cork block. It's still there in the grain so I wondered about washing down with meths, but the sanding proved to be enough and it looked fine with linseed oil.
Quite a lot of work, more than a day. About £15 worth of stripper.
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