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Woodwork Journey Dean

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30 Jan 2022
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Norwich UK
I got into the workshop late today, but had planned the day to make a different kind of mitre box for easier and accessible box making, and making a video about it for my channel.

I decided that I wanted to use one of the back saws I had restored recently. Had to dismantle it to straighten the blade but figured it could do with a shape with my new file.

Easy enough, but I hate sharpening on my bench vice, so I figured throwing together a saw sharpening clamp thing would be a five minute job - famous last words.

Decided to make the clamp out of some reclaimed Douglas Fir is salvaged from some 1930’s interior doors.
Cut to length no worries then had to resaw it down the middle. Too big for the bandsaw, so I decided to go as far as I could with the tablesaw and finish up with a hand saw.

Started with the blade low so it wasn’t too much stress on the motor.
Couple of passes on my old Axminster tablesaw (TS250 from the ‘Hobby’ range) and smoke started pouring out of the Saw. It wasn’t sawdust on fire, something in the motor region was not doing well. It continues working but the smoke was getting worse so I stopped.

Then realised that even though I’d checked things for square on the saw a while ago, the gremlins had gotten into it to mess up my day.

Not even close to square!!


Have to finish with a hand saw, but my fibromyalgia wouldn’t let me do it all so I got so far and then had to cut the length down


Then hand plane to sort them out - was a good workout for the Record number 5 I recently saved from a rusty demise


Had a couple more mishaps, bled a couple of times, swore a lot.

Then broke my Titebond


Got the hinges on the saw clamp thing, got excited and realised my vice is racking so much for some unknown reason that I’m not getting even pressure on the Saw clamp, which means one end of the saw doesn’t stay where it should


Decided that the Smokey random angle tablesaw, cuts and bruises, spinal agony from hand tool work, broken glue bottle, and racking vice got too much for me so gave up and went inside.

Pain in the backside of a day
I had a similar day yesterday, missed an important appointment as I was stressed about other’s issues, got a call from my neighbour who I’m doing some work for explaining the house I’m working in had been broken into, had to meet him there with the police to find out what was missing- I lost a circular saw and a reciprocating saw and worst of all my hilti te52 ( 30 yrs old) builder left the ladder attached to the scaffolding and in they came . Found my hidden cache and took the lot. Headed back to another job -a pair of pre made gates to be installed, unpacking the gates I found one gate damaged but repairable. Working away with the day’s events running through my mind and a sudden gust of wind must have blown one of the gates over because the next thing I felt was the gate crashing into my back. Enough I thought and instantly packed up and went home . Been back today to finish the gates and all good now. I guess some days it’s just not meant to be..

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