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It could be the 'core' of a 'core box plane' (no pun intended), which is a patternmakers tool for making cylindrical shapes. These would normally have lugs for 'wings' however. If not, it looks like it might be an 'internal corner plane', like a corner chisel: not sure without more photos of the blade setup. The photo is from the rear...

Ooo, a good one to get the ol' brain ticking over at the weekend... My guess is, based on not being able to see the sole, is a home-made patternmaker's or core box plane. Like the Stanley #56 and #57

Cheers, Alf
Shady, you beat me to it while I was gathering the links :roll: The #56 doesn't seem to have additional wings, and I wouldn't particularly expect a home-made one to have them either. Especially given its small size.

Cheers, Alf
Agreed, I thought it had a slight 'homemade' look, but didn't fix on it... On balance, I'd say corebox 'of some sort' - any more than that would be sticking my neck out.... :wink:
Shady":g8krss2f said:
any more than that would be sticking my neck out.... :wink:
That's what necks are for :lol: Right, I'll go with a home-made core box plane made by a bloke called..., er, Fred. Possibly made on a Tuesday in April. Specifically to make patterns for Pennywick's patent burfls. And you can call me a giraffe's second cousin. :lol:

Cheers, Alf

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