Norwegian wood(shop) build

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There were 28 roof trusses to make so I set up a temporary production shop in the carport :)


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Inspector":756ddk8s said:
My shop is above the 2 car garage and has scissor trusses over the long dimension on the 24' x 28' (7.3m x 8.5m), no beams, to give me a clear span and greatest hight. The roof pitch is 4/12 (18.4º) with the inside having a 2/12 (9.5º). I have 9' (2.7m) along the walls and about 11' (3.4m) in the middle of the shop. They were lifted up to the roof with a telescoping handler, basically and offload forklift from a rental company. Once up on the roof easily set by the two framers. With your smaller shop they could have been lifted up by a couple strong guys and ladders. I will watch the rest of the build unfold to see how the rest is done. Interesting to see how people approach their builds.


I seriously considered scissor trusses but based on the quotes I got in it was cheaper with the glue-lam and self made trusses.

Hi again all :)

Thought maybe I should say something about the materials I'm using for the build.

Starting at the bottom I bolted pressure impregnated sole plates to the foundation walls. Under them I used a thick bitumen tape that comes on a 15cm wide roll.
All the walls are built from standard C24 timber (is that CLS in the UK ?). The long back wall is 48x148 (2" x 6") and all the other walls are 48x98 (2" x 4"). The rafters are also C24, 48x198 (2 x 8).
The ridge beam is a spruce glue-lamination, 140 x 495mm. The support posts that hold up the ridge beam are also 2 x 6.
Later I'll be battening out the inside with 2x2 and cross insulating the whole building from the inside with an additional 5cm. The back wall will also first get an additional 10cm (making 25cm total) as an additional noise barrier towards the neighbours :wink:

So moving rapidly on :)
Didn't take any decent pictures for the rest of the walls and trusses etc so we jump forward to the finished framework. First picture was take 30th June which is almost exactly 1 month since I laid the soleplates. Not bad considering that was only weekends and evenings :D


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After 10 years of working in a basement with 1.9 meter ceiling height and minimal daylight the most important criteria for the new shop were maximum internal height and space and as many windows as possible !

To the underside of the ridge beam is just over 3 meters :D



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Krysstel":3phjqfqn said:
...... C24 timber (is that CLS in the UK ?.......

No, you're confusing two different types of things. One is the planed & rounded-over edges of construction timber (CLS), and the other is a strength grade.
Wasn't confused, just badly formulated sentence. Sorry :oops:
Should have written "standard construction timber, grade C24". :wink:

Here the terminology is K-virke (construction-timber) which covers all planed and 4 corner rounded timber used for studwork etc. Is that what is termed CLS in the UK ?
The grading C16, C24, C30 etc is as you say a strength grading used both here and in the UK, and elsewhere I imagine.

biskit":3acer65u said:
Nice build Krysstel. What heating are you having? Wood stove I hope :!:

2 electric oil filled radiators.
No wood stove unfortunately !

For some reason all the pictures I previously added to this post have vanished and been replaced by small "image" icons. Any one know why ? :?

I see the first as a thumbnail and with the exception of the roll the rest are a little blue box with a question mark in it and they don't open. So something happened. Were they linked to an outside hosting site or loaded to the forum directly?

The Google links are broken in some way or no longer relevant.
This was the first image reference.
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This is from the first missing image
Thanks for everyone's help. I've replaced all the pictures with .jpg files instead of links to Google. Hopefully that will solve the problem.