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24 Aug 2002
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Just to let you all know that I may not be around the forums as much for the next month or so. There are two reasons. The first is we are moving house on Monday to live 'up north' and there's no broadband in the area so we're back to slow dialup :cry: the second is that I'm moving into my new workshop :) (yes I think I'll even have a bed in there :wink: )

We completed on the house yesterday, so I went up with dad to sort everything out and give the house a clean etc. I took some photos and I would like to introduce UKW's new workshop:


As you can see it's a tad bigger then my current 3m x2m :wink: . I haven't measured this one yet but just to give you an idea the bench at the back is just under 3m long.

You'll be glad to know it isn't perfect. With the two front roller doors closed the lighting is terrible. There's just about enough sockets but there are odd wires/fuse boxes/switches all over the place so everything needs ripping out and starting from scratch.

After looking in the other outbuildings I found the previous owner had left a very nice surpise:


Yup a wood store :) There seems to be everything in there from mahogany to sheets of MDF. Of course old wood stores normally mean RATS! There are no signs of any but I may be needing that snake :p
Hi Charley

Best wishes for the move. That looks like a smashing workshop.



That is what I call a workshop! What a fantastic space you have there. Until you mentioned the roller doors - very useful btw - I thought you had a travelling chain hoist which would also be useful. Still with that nice floor you shouldn't have too many problems hauling heavy machinery around.

I just wonder how long it will be before you decide that workshop is too small?
Hi Charley

I must admit that when I saw your photographs my jaw dropped open involuntarily. I'm not jealous at all. :roll:

Hope the move goes really well and you get set up soon. I haven't put the shelving up yet but, as the top surface of the shelves is hollow I will be putting something on them so that I do not mark any of my timber.

When you say "up north" I take it you are referring to somewhere nearer Crawley and not "oop north" as in nearer Leeds.

All the best,

Best of luck in the new Workshop, I can only imagine all the wonderful projects coming out of such a large place.
It's going to cost ya to fill this place up with BIG tools!!! :wink:
Wow Charley. I am not at all jealous of all that space. Noi really., No, I'm not......

Good luck for the move and post some pictures of your workshop when fully populated with tools anf furniture


Fantastic space Charley... A Felder would look nice in the middle :lol:

Heck, where is that jaw dropping smilie when you need it? I'll admit it; I'm as jealous as a very jealous thing. :mrgreen: Ooo, you're going to have so much fun setting that up just how you like it :D Good luck with the move - hope the weather's kind.

Cheers, Alf

Thinking a dial-up connection is a small price to pay for a workshop with room for aeroplanes as well as Stanley planes...
Will you be incorporating a separate finishing room into your aircraft hanger, Charley? Or will you use one of the 'other outbuildings' :roll:

Thanks everyone, we're hoping the move goes fine as well. We had a bad start with the 'usual' - the money didn't go
through on time the day we completed (three hours late) but it gave us a good chance to try out the local pub :)

When say 'up north' I mean Lincolnshire about 7miles from Lincoln. My parents are from Newark (15miles away) so they're moving back after 30 years by the sea :shock:

I'm not sure how I'm going to fill all that space but I'll give it my best shot :wink: I think the TS2000 which fills my current workshop will look like a bit dropped off in this one - maybe a Jet super saw would look better? :D

Neil, I have thought about a finishing room. It might be something I'll do although I think with my finishing skills it'll be a bit wasted on me. I'm afraid I didn't have a say in the other outbuildings but I suppose the garden tools have got to go somewhere.

The first thing on the list is a dust extractor (Scheppach) and with all that wood in the woodstore it's a great excuse to buy a thicknesser and jointer (APTC CT330 & a Jet jointer) and after that I would like a bandsaw. Umm I think I better get saving :?
Hi Charley

Welcome to the East Midlands.

I live on the SE of Nottingham so if you fancy a lift to the Midlands show just send me a pm.

All the best

Congrats, Charley.

I'm glad so many others are not jealous, because I'm with Alf - dead jealous indeed!

Hope the move eventually goes smoothly - that workshop will be worth any amount of hassle.
Beeston (not so SE though),

Gamston? Ruddington? (Had to look those up on streetmap)

Dunno, as a student, I only ever made it to a small area, beeston, lenton, campus, towncentre, university boulevard, QMC, Wollatton park etc.

Used to be in Dunkirk, next to the flyover before QMC.

<nudging Alf....

you ummmmmm.... think it might be an idea to impose some suitable pennance for gloats on this kinda scale..????

<thinking along the lines of ummmmmmm.... 2 months with nothing to prep boards with other than NEW Stanley planes....

NOT that I'm jealous... ohhh no..... nae me....

Nice goin Charlie... ya jammy wee &%@#$£
Hi Adam

asleitch":30sznqbr said:
Beeston (not so SE though),


asleitch":30sznqbr said:


asleitch":30sznqbr said:


Clue. It's between West Bridgford and Ruddington. No, it's neither Wilford nor Tollerton. In fact, it is surrounded by West Bridgford, Ruddington, and Tollerton.

Well I think it's a pokey little hole. Anyway - SWMBO keeps telling me that size doesn't matter. Besides - Lincolnshire is so flat. And who on earth would want a second hand woodstore with a variety of timber in it? MDF? Perleees.
The colour scheme's awful.
I hate hanging striplights.
It'll cost a fortune to fit out properly... etc.

Dial up? Least of your worries.
I hear they've only just got around to electricity up there.
And there's a lot of inbreeding...

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