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19 Jan 2024
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Hi there
I’m new here! A complete novice - as I have no idea what I’m doing, therefore joining this group for all the great advice. My dad back in Australia is a builder, so you’d think I’d have learnt a lot about this stuff but sadly other than some general things - I have a lot to learn still ! I’m lucky enough to have bought my first house, well flat! And there are some projects I’m keen to get started on! Firstly wardrobes, which are a bit crazy! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m trying to maximise the hanging and storage in my wardrobes - I am going with 80cm depth which I know is a bit deeper than standard approx 60cm - I was wondering your thoughts on if you think it would work if I offset hanging - ie had two rails but top rail in 30cm from back and bottom rail in 30cm from front - so I can hang longer dresses etc on top one and maximise by using the bottom rail too for shorter things . I know the dresses will rest on bottom clothes a bit too - but logically do you think this may work? Thought I’d ask the brains trust here! Thanks for your help!! Rochelle
I think that would work.

A track saw wil be a good investment for such work along with a good cordless drill.

Peter Millard is a good watch for board based furniture projects.
Welcome on board the good ship UKWorkshop. I’m a firm believer in prototyping new ideas, build a whole wardrobe to discover it does not quite work how you wanted is a tough lesson. Can you put up two rails somewhere temporary and try to out?

My opinion on wardrobes is it is hard to beat IKEA on quality at their price point. I’ve previously used Ikea rails/internals and carcasses, modified to my spaces, as it’s still been cheaper than starting from boards and timber.

Love your can do, get stuck in attitude!

Hi and welcome - qudos for your enthusiasm but for a complete newby thats a massive project . Please dont take this in a negative way but what tools do you currently have ? If you only have basic or minimal tools a project of this calibre will hurt your pockets in terms of materials and tools and equipment. I believe the previous post by @Fitzroy spoke of ikea wardrobes . Id also recommend the online made to measure companys that will come out neasure up , show you all ghe different options and fittings . Some will offer this as a supply only , others supply and fit . You will only need a few tools to fit yourself ( drill sprit level hacksaw etc ) + a willing friend or partner to help . I priced one up for a good friend but they also had someone out for a quote . Even at mates rates i could not compete with their supply and fit quote . Whatever you choose goodluck and let us know which route you go ..🤗🤗