nail guns / nail angle question;

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30 Jun 2014
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Milton Keynes
Can anyone point me to a site / document that I can look up a prospective nail gun purchase and find the nail angle? (Paslode air nailer, PSN 100.1. and FN 1665 )

I'm trying to find the potential costs of third party nails but they all seem to be sorted / quoted by nail angle.

There are only a few angles used in the guns. All the framing guns use the same type.
Pretty much the same for 15/ 16 ga nail guns
18ga and above are straight.
The cordless framing nailers are interchangable between companies.
So paslode nails will fit hitachi/ dewalt etc

The one you have to watch out for is bostitch as some of theirs only take full head (fn) type nails. Where as all other makes take half round head nails.
I believe that the 100.1 can fire both full head, (FN?) and D head nails.. one of the things I'm trying to compare prices on...