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23 Jul 2019
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I make models with intricate sections, tough to get to afterwards areas, but where glue right up to the edge is important. Picture attached for clarity

I need glue right up to the point of the crosses because they taper to zero so could easily be caught and pulled off/damaged. I use the crosses because I think they're the best example but all over the models is relevant for me. If glue squeezes out (I'm using titebond 2 but only because it happens to be a popular choice not because I have any real idea of glue differences) it is a nightmare to clear it out of some of the tightest sections of the build and possibly impossible without causing damage to some of the surrounding faces. Sandpaper on a skinny ruler in a joint close to 30 degrees means I hit one piece or get nowhere near the meeting of the surfaces. Also, sandpaper after glue up doesn't allow the same finish because I can only sand sideways at the meeting points. I know a way around it involving dry fit up, tape around all of the joints and then glue should only spill out onto the tape which I can layer rip off, but, that is time consuming so I hope there are different glued/methods someone with more experience might know. Any pointers? All help much appreciated
I have and it does help get rid of most but there is some grain lift and without using too much water it always leaves the hardest part to get rid of still there in the hardest to get to gaps. I don't want to over wet it because the hardest to get to parts are normally right next to the most important to keep glue on bits. Frustrating
I can but then they get damaged/stained when I remove the glue. None of it is a massive problem. Just something I am hoping doesn't have to be as time consuming to fix as the taping idea