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Wanted Mortiser wanted - 1 phase - good quality


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7 Nov 2018
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west yorks
Hi all. I'm looking for a good quality mortising machine - maybe something like a Multico or similar?

Must be in good working order and single phase.

I could travel but I am in Leeds area so could we say no more than one hour's drive from central Leeds as a limit.

Many thanks.
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Hi, I have a Multico M1 - single phase which I want to sell. However I cant do so for another month to month and a half because It has not been used for about 3 years and is lying in the garage. I need to check it to make sure it is working OK. It is in excellent condition and I have a number of chisels and collets. If you are not in a hurry and are not able to find one in the meantime contact me. BUT I live in London! Jes
Is Boston Lincs in traveling distance ?
I have 2 , A small Rexon and a bigger err at the moment can't remember what make , If you are serious I can dig it out , Both are used and in fair condition , I also have a set of new unused chisels .
Hi all

Illness has meant that I have not looked at this page as much as I have should have.

Sincere apologies to those who feel I have wasted their valauble time - it was not my intention at all to upset people as I am a regular and supporting user of the site.

I am going to try and edit the post to be more specific about "not too far" - hopefully changing it to "one hour's drive from central Leeds" which sadly rules out any of the offers.

Thanks everyone
OP still looking? If you are, would you expand your search radius to Midlands? Got Record Power RPM 75 if it fits what you're after? Solid cast iron build