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15 Dec 2023
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Hello everyone, just a quick note to introduce myself. I've joined the forum as I have just purchased an old record power wood turning lathe that I've been eyeing up for some time. I love working with wood, making bits of (very amateur) furniture for our house, along with a small picture framing workshop I've been using for a few years now. I'm hoping to start turning a few ornaments soon, and hopefully moving on to making bowls in the future.
I'd love to hear any advice people can give for someone just starting out, and would also like to know where people get there hardwood from (I've seen the thread on the main page, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the South Yorkshire area).
I'm a 50 year old bloke who works mainly as a construction site manager, married with kids, and enjoys getting out in the countryside on walks with the dog, and also a little bit of indoor bouldering.
Looking forward to joining in and being part of the community.
Welcome Chris,
Just up the road from you.

I've not been to Albion timber yet, but they had plenty of quality product at the Harrogate show. A bit further afield there is British Hardwoods and Duffield Timber.

hi chris,
can't remember the name but there is a great timber place in the centre of keighley that i found when i was up there to visit my sister and brother good prices and great variety. I found them in the phone book but it was at least two years ago as it was before i cut off the forefinger of my left hand. PLEASE be careful our tools BITE! there is also a flooring place i found there a visit before that. Advisewise ,get a cheap thicknesser and the biggest bandsaw you can afford AND fit into your work space. HAPPY TURNING and stay safe......... just found them Chris they are speciality timber and its just under the railway lines from Morisons
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