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Mitre saw stand recomenations.


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Honest John

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13 Dec 2014
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Shaw, Lancashire
I’m looking for a solution for my small and sometimes chaotic workshop. I cut most segments on a wedgie sled, but sometimes I want or need to use my mitre saw for some segmenting joinery. I have a Kapex 60 but I only get it out off the shelf when it’s needed. I have been using a foldable mitre saw table that I bought from B and Q at least 25 years ago! It’s not ideal and is awkward to set up, and I really want to ditch it, but I need a quick to get out and put away solution to replace it. The Kapex stand is not suitable as it takes up too much room when not in use. I’m thinking in terms of the DeWalt compact which looks to be an answer to my problem. Not completely sure if a Festool saw will fit on their brackets. Some users on the Festool forum have used other people’s stands without issue, others have had to resort to making a mounting platform. I would really like a solution that quickly detaches the saw, hopefully tool less, so that can go back to its shelf, then fold in the legs, and put the stand on another shelf. All advice is welcome. There are many cheaper saw stands advertised, schepac, rage etc, also an Axminster brand, are these any good or is it waisted money?