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Medical Mysteries.


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11 Nov 2007
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When, 4yrs ago I underwent surgery for prostate cancer i was approached by various groups about taking part in various studies, with one group wanting me to donate the organ, you can probably guess my response to that!
Anyway, this week two letters dropped into our mail box, one was a questionaire on a long term study conducted by the hospital and the other, which is on going, by Glasgow University.
Before you undergo prostate removal you are taught what are described as 'Pelvic Floor Excercises,' these are designed to help an early return to continence.
Didn't help me one little bit! But as I had to undergo other procedures I put it down to it being me.
Now I find from the Glasgow study group's intermediate report that the medical profession have been teaching men to do this for over 50 yrs with no follow up to see if it works. Their result? No!
They are recommending that the resources wasted in this way be directed elsewhere.
I was staggered to discover that such a long period could elapse without follow up research, that's probably three generations of medical professionals.