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Makita SP6000 bevel cut issues: undercutting anti-splinter..


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10 Apr 2017
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West Sussex
Hi, and apologies if this has been covered before but the search pop-up won’t display properly on my ipad and that’s all I’ve got to browse with.

Issue is that my SP6000 is undercutting the rail’s anti-splinter strip by just under 1mm when bevelled to 45deg.

First time I’ve run a bevel on it and noticed a lot of resistance when pushing past the strip as I was setting up the test cut. On taking a closer look the blade appeared to be striking the strip ~1mm from the bottom. I’d expect some contact but no more than when cutting at 90deg as the blade on any plunge saw should pivot around the bottom corner of the strip once trimmed.

Spoke to Makita UK to see if it could be adjusted out before potentially damaging the strip. Nothing came of that despite them agreeing that in theory it shouldn’t happen but also admitting that the new saw they pulled out of the stockroom did the same thing.

Decided to run a test cut on a short rail anyway - less strip to replace if it did what I was expecting - and, as anticipated, it added a nice neat 1mm chamfer to the bottom-outside edge of the strip.

Never had this with a Festool or even the Titan I was using for a while so pretty disappointed as it effectively negates two of the main benefits of a plunge saw: accurate and repeatable cuts to a visual reference and zero-clearance compression of material at the cut line.

Essentially, this issue is caused by the pivot point of the saw being too high, and could only be resolved by reducing the stack height of saw to base-plate.

Anyone else had similar issues with these, and found way to fix it?

This alone is enough reason to send it back, and that’s not even considering the other issues with the anti-slop cams backing off every time you take it off the rail and the fact that the low-friction strips are already wearing a load of parallel grooves into the underside of the base plate.

Grateful for any ideas before I have to send it back and spend more on a Festool (shudder).

Didn't manage to resolve the issue and really didn't fancy taking apart a 3-week old tool so it's gone back to the retailer. This was the second unit I had BTW, with the first having had a weird rotational balance issue. Bit the bullet and ordered a TS55 instead. Glad I tried the Makita though as never hurts to try alternatives, especially when they're £200 cheaper. Just a shame about the quality issues.