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18 Jul 2019
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Hi there, I'm hoping this isn't too off-topic for this forum, but I've been asked by a chippy to make a fixed space-saving staircase for a quirky little cottage nearby, so that the owners can access their loft bedroom. I know that this staircase will not adhere to any of the regulations surrounding staircases and I am wary of taking the job on. The chippy's intention is for my business to make the staircase, and both of us to fit it, together, under his trading name. (He is a bit dodgy and I am not sure he has any kind of public liability insurance or even that he is a valid, trading business.

My question is this: If I knowingly make a staircase that is way out of regulations, and another party fits that staircase, would I be liable in any way if the client had an accident relating to that staircase?

Any help here would be hugely appreciated, as I feel I am being pressured into doing something that I am really not certain about, but need to give the client an answer in the near future.

Kind regards,

Jack @ Modbury Joinery
Are you sure it is non-compliant? Space saver/ hit 'n miss stairs (the ones with the alternating treads) are covered by the Building Regs. They are compliant, within limitations, in certain circumstances. 'twere it me, though, I would make those stairs "supply only", and leave the builder with the problems of compliance and liability.
State when its supplied that is classes as an access loft ladder and not a stair case that complies with any regs and get it signed
See paragraphs 1:22, 1:23 & 1:24 of Park K of the Guidance to the Building Regs. These "alternating tread" stairs are allowable so long as they serve a single habitable room (ie not counting bathrooms/ WC) in the loft where an orthodox stair doesn't work. They have to have a handrail both sides, and a maximum going and rise of 220mm........with the rise measured between alternate treads. They are significantly over twice as steep as an orthodox stair
Thanks for that. I didn't realise that space savers were covered by regs. I will look into these regs more closely.

Thanks chaps!