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25 Feb 2022
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Hi everyone

Have any of you had any experience of the Kity combi machines? I’ve seen quite a bit of info kicking around on the k5 but has anyone heard of or owned the Kity bestcombi machine? If so, what are your thoughts on them? My workshop is small and a combination machine seems to be ideal for what I need but I’m not sure about reliability/ sourcing spares etc.

Best regards
I've had my Bestcombi 2000 from new in 1999. I'm in a small hobbyist workshop too so it has suited me for all these years. I've found it to be reliable and as far as parts are concerned I've only had to replace a fan belt and bronze bushes which are off the shelf items. I use the saw most of the time then the thicknesser and occasionally the planer. It's quite rare for me to use the spindle moulder but it has come in handy a few times. As with most all-in-one machines it has its limits. The saw is 200mm so depth of cut is 60mm which is a rare problem for me. The planer thicknesser is 200mm too but same here it's rarely a problem for me. As with answers to many enquiries here, it will all come down to what you want to use it for, how much money you can part with and how big/small your workshop is.
I previously had a K5 and now have a Bestcombi 2000 which is far more capable. As a hobbyist I find the Bestcombi 2000 brilliant, providing quite a bit of capacity whist still being easy to roll out of the way in the garage when not in use. In terms of spares, I’ve not had too many issues sourcing them from specialist suppliers and eBay.
I have had a Kity Multi drive now for over a year, prior to that I had kity combination machine, for 20 years,
which when changing function meant changing belts, I use mine on a regular basis for sawing and planning, not so much the spindle moulder. Spare are very difficult. I had to get a spool rewound on one of the warner magnetic clutches, apart from that very satisfied.
I have both machines one in spain and another in Germany only one question to ask yourself what is the largest size timber you wish to cut or plane they are small machines so when cutting at close to the maximum size just take it easy. If the machine has a slot mortes you can do most lose tenons easily.

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