Kapex Blade replacement, Allen key size


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Homers double

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17 Jan 2016
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Could someone please help me out, the notorious pencil thief In my workshop has disappeared with the Allen key used to change the blade on my kapex 120.
I don’t have many Allen keys and none fit.
I only swapped out the blade last week and just went to put the other blade back on to find no Allen key.
The joys of getting older combined with the heat had addled my brain and I’ve no idea where I put it, I’ve even been through the bins with no luck
Thanks Phil
I have now ordered a set, I want to get a extra long Allen key for the Kapex as it’s often quite difficult to remove the bolt and was wonder what size is needed
It's a 6mm. Beware of using longer ones than those supplied with a tool as you can over-tighten and, in extreme cases, possibly snap the head off. I wouldn't want even think about that :/

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