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So last night I got home, to find the Cat had caught a bird and had ripped all its ar*e feathers out, it looked a state. I took it in and wrapped it in a towel as it was obviously in shock. I then had the bright idea of using super-glue to re-attach the feathers as they use it in surgery now.

F**k me the rubbish that Google throws out when you look up “Tail a Swift”
Have you tried hitting"Report" on your listing? but do it with a smile on ya face it is a joke thread.

Mod Edit : thanks everyone who gave @MikeJ advice and especially this to simply "report" a post. That is the best way to reach all the mods rather than one who may simply be on holiday or busy - it's a nice weekend, the kids are all home at the same time for once, etc etc.

I understand why he resorted to this but I've cleaned up the thread as this is no longer necessary. It's likely just a SW glitch. No conspiracy :)
Thanks all, Sideways.
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